Welcome to the MitoBreak database project

A comprehensive on-line resource with curated datasets of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) rearrangements.
MitoBreak provides a complete, quality checked and regularly updated list of breakpoints from:
  • circular deleted mtDNAs (deletions)
  • circular partially-duplicated mtDNAs (duplications)
  • linear mtDNAs
For more background information click here or read Damas J, et al. Nucleic Acids Research. 2014. 42 (D1): D1261-D1268.

What can be found in MitoBreak

Taxonomy Number of rearrangements Reference sequence Number of publications
Kingdom Phylum Species
Metazoa Chordata Homo sapiens 1312 deletions + 44 duplications NC_012920.1 366
Metazoa Chordata Mus musculus 245 deletions + 31 short linear breaks NC_005089.1 24
Metazoa Chordata Rattus norvegicus 215 deletions NC_001665.2 13
Metazoa Chordata Macaca mulatta 58 deletions NC_005943.1 4
Metazoa Arthropoda Drosophila melanogaster 35 deletions NC_001709.1 2
Fungi Ascomycota Podospora anserina 32 deletions NC_001329.3 1
Metazoa Nematoda Caenorhabditis elegans 6 deletions NC_001328.1 2
Total 1978 (1903 deletions + 44 duplications + 31 linear)

What can be done in MitoBreak

Investigate our curated datasets of mtDNA breakpoints with multiple statistical tools
Copy our curated datasets of mtDNA breakpoints to your computer and analyse them as you wish!
Examine (or download) only selected subsets of our databases, e.g., disorders, strains…
Locate your breakpoints in our large datasets. Are they unique? In which disorders where they previously found?
Find an updates list of publications for each rearrangement type and species, with links to PUBMED
Share new mtDNA rearrangements with the research community
Download high-quality graphs ready for publication!

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