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573 - 309
Homo sapiens - Duplications

Duplication length: 265 bp
Duplicated region: 309:573

Partially duplicated molecule length: 16834 bp

Duplicates OH
Duplicating part of minor and major arcs

Breakpoint flanking sequences
more information in Documentation - Flanking regions

5fl vs 3del
Homology length: 7 bp

Non-duplicated region

5fl vs 3fl
Homology length: 1 bp


Two-dimensional scatterplot showing the location of the selected duplication (red diamond) versus the full dataset (grey dots). Each point represents an mtDNA rearrangement with the 5’ breakpoint on the x-axis and the 3’ breakpoint on the y-axis.

Circular mtDNA plot specifying the location of the duplicated region (black bar).
Length distribution of the duplicated region in the selected duplication (red bar) versus the full dataset (grey bars) .The cases were grouped 100-nt windows.
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Mitochondrial myopathy
Sun-exposed skin


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